16-Hour HOS Extension Checklist

Determining Whether Drivers Are Eligible for a 16-Hour HOS Extension

Below are the requirements to determine if a driver was eligible for a 16-hour Hours of Service extension.

  1. Did the driver start (go on duty) and end (go off duty) their last 5 shifts at the driver’s base marker depot?
  2. Did the driver return to their base marker depot within 16 hours after coming on duty starting their shift?
  3. Did the driver take a 10-hour off-duty period between each of their last 5 shifts?
  4. Did the driver end their 16-hour extension shift by taking a 10-hour off-duty break?
  5. Did the driver use a 16-hour extension in the last 6 days without doing a weekly reset (off duty for 34 consecutive hours)?

If you cannot determine why a driver was not given a 16-hour extension after going through this checklist, please escalate to Verizon Connect customer support.

Be sure to include detailed answers to all of the checklist questions in your escalation case.