AEMP Multi-Credential Best Practices

Tips When Using My Account with More than One AEMP Account

Some helpful tips and reminders when using the AEMP vehicle connection system with more than one set of credentials include:

  • When you activate equipment using the AEMP feature in My Account, remember to immediately move the newly-added equipment to the correct Hierarchy node. You can do this by locating vehicles in the Hierarchy screen that use the tags you entered when you activated the equipment (this is one reason it's a good idea to use these tags, and also to choose a consistent tagging style).
  • When using the John Deere AEMP 2.0 portal, remember to manually log out of the portal if you plan to use a different set of credentials (if, for example, you're activating vehicles for several different organizations). If you don't log out, the last set of credentials you entered will be used to display your available assets when you next use My Account, which can result in confusion. This is a limitation of the John Deere system.