Introducing Platform Analytics 2.0

Learn About Our Latest Analytics 2.0 Changes

Verizon Connect® Fleet Analytics is used to visualize key performance data about your fleet, providing you with greater insight into its efficiency, behavior and performance over time. With over 130 pre-built Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), our analytics tools allow your teams to collaborate better with one another, giving them actionable insights they can use to drive business transformation.

Improvements you will benefit from in this new analytics update include:

  • Agile Reporting Performance: With our new architecture, we have reduced data latency by 400% compared with our previous analytics engine, allowing you to ask bigger questions of your data, and see information faster.
  • Trust Metrics: Our best practice KPIs have been updated with advanced heuristics and machine learning to improve data quality and accuracy.
  • Understand your fleet and safety performance on a deeper level: Integrate and access your data across Reports, Scorecards, and Dashboards, as well as in mobile apps such as Coach and Spotlight to gain a more complete view of your operations.
  • Share insights across your teams. With data and reporting in one place, everyone in your company can now view your fleet performance, share insights and optimize your operations.

Over the next few weeks, this new analytics engine will make its way into your Verizon Connect tools. Below, you will find the answers to questions you might have about this release.

Frequently Asked Questions

What has been changed in the Platform?

Using decades of Fleet data expertise, we have created a new generation of improved KPIs for your Fleet software. These updates were developed using advanced machine learning and a focus on better data trust, quality, and consistency.

Do I need to do anything?

No, you don't need to do anything to benefit from these changes. If you have questions about how they might affect you, reach out to your Support Team.

Which Verizon Connect products and tools will use this improved analytics engine?

  • Analytics Reports
  • Scorecards
  • Scorecard Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Coach
  • Spotlight