Coach Best Practices

Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Success with the Verizon Connect Coach Mobile App

Use the following suggestions to improve your initial roll-out of the Coach mobile application. to ensure users buy into the product, and to foster long-term success.

  1. Set specific Goals. Setting goals helps keep you focused on what’s important. Be specific with your goals; for example, 'improve driver Scores by 10% over the next 90 days'.
  2. Focus on Communication. A solid communication plan will reduce push back from participants later down the road. Be clear about your objectives, what you’re asking of your team, and timing.
  3. Start a the top. Leaders will demonstrate support for your program and the rest will follow.
  4. Review the rules of the game. In addition to your program’s objectives, mobile workers want to know exactly how they’re being measured. As long as your participants know the rules they are usually OK with the outcomes.
  5. Create a feedback mechanism. Some participants will have opinions or ongoing questions. Make sure their concerns are being acknowledged.
  6. Freely share information. Make sure there is a place to go for information if participants want to learn more.
  7. Report on progress. Employees are no different than leadership -- they both want to work for a winning organization. Make sure to report results on an ongoing basis such as monthly or quarterly reviews.
  8. Celebrate the wins. Employees are motivated by achievement, financial bonuses, and recognition. Your program should have something for everyone.
  9. Offer additional Coaching. Sometimes participants need more attention. Your program should have a mechanism for providing personalized feedback.
  10. Create a motivational culture. Leaders can’t motivate employees long term. Employees flourish when they motivate each other.