Changing the Name or Details of a Vehicle

Learn How to Change a Vehicle's Details in Verizon Connect Fleet

To edit vehicle information, like a vehicle's name, first you need to open the Vehicle Details dialog box. You can access this page from several different locations, described below. In all cases, once you find the vehicle you want, click the vehicle’s name, and then click Edit Vehicle.

  • From the Vehicles page, accessed by opening the Main section of the menu and then selecting the Vehicles option.
  • From the Map page, by hovering your cursor over a vehicle icon on the map and then selecting the Edit Vehicle option from the contextual balloon menu (open this by clicking the vehicle's name on the balloon window).
  • From the Vehicle Details pop-up that opens by clicking a vehicle's name in various grids.

After you click the Edit Vehicle option from any of these locations, the Edit Vehicle dialog box opens. From here you can change the name of the vehicle from the Overview tab:

Click Save and the vehicle's name is updated.