Changing Vehicle History Trail Colors

Personalize the Appearance of Vehicle History Trails On the Map

When viewing the location and speed history of a vehicle on the map, the turn-by-turn path driven by the vehicle over the chosen history period is drawn over the map.

This feature lets you see exactly where the vehicles in your fleet have traveled. However, if you select a lot of vehicles, or if the trail color is close the the background color of the map (or satellite view) you may want to change the trail color to something that is easier to see.

To do this:

  1. From the Main menu on the left or from the tabs across the top, select Vehicles.
  2. From the toolbar along the top, click the Show Map & List (Horizontal) icon, to select the split screen view, which allows you to see the map and the vehicles list at the same time.
  3. Find the vehicle, click on the vehicle's name, and select Show Vehicle from the drop-down list.
  4. Click on the clock icon along the top of the Vehicle Details window to display the Vehicle History.
  5. Click Add to History.
  6. Expand the Display Options section to see the Trail Color and then choose a new color. Once you select a new color, the map will update, along with the color of the trail.