Creating and Using DVIRs for Trailers

Learn How to Create Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs) for Trailers in the Platform and How to Use Them in WorkPlan

If your drivers use Verizon Connect® WorkPlan™ version 4.7 or later, you can create separate DVIRs (driver vehicle inspection reports) for your drivers' tractors (also referred to as 'vehicles') and each trailer. If your drivers use WorkPlan version 4.18.4 or later and you set their permissions appropriately, they can create new trailers from WorkPlan.

Creating DVIRs for Trailers in the Platform

See the Fleet help for information on the following procedures:

Using DVIRs for Trailers in WorkPlan

Follow this procedure to perform an inspection on a trailer:

  • Sign in to WorkPlan.
  • Assigning vehicles to the trailer asset type
  • Select a vehicle using one of the following methods:
    > You might be assigned to a vehicle automatically.
    > The vehicle list might display automatically.
    > You might need to open the vehicle list manually by tapping to Vehicle icon (below) on the WorkPlan home screen.

  • Add trailers to your vehicle by tapping the Trailer icon (below) on the WorkPlan home screen, tapping Add Trailer, and then selecting a trailer from the list.

  • If your trailer is not listed and you have the appropriate permissions, you can create a new trailer. To do this, type the name of a new trailer, tap on the new trailer name, and enter the trailer's details on the Create Trailer screen. Then, select the new trailer you created.
    • Complete a DVIR form for your trailer. The form might open automatically when you select the trailer or you can open the DVIR manually by tapping the DVIR icon on the WorkPlan home screen and then selecting the form from the New On Demand DVIR section.
    • Select the trailer for your DVIR.
    • Fill in the form and then tap Submit.