Verizon Connect Data Retention Rules

Understanding How Long Your Enterprise Data is Retained for Operational Use

This page summarizes how long Verizon Connect retains enterprise customer data, what happens to your data when it is removed, and the rights you have to access and control your data while either an active Verizon Connect customer, or after ending your contract with Verizon Connect.

In order to understand Verizon Connect’s data retention rules, it’s important to first define the terms that will be used:

  • Active Customer - Refers to customers that have access to a current and enabled account on our platform. An Active customer has a current contract in place.
  • Cancelled Customer - Refers to customers that have had their account suspended or otherwise intentionally disabled because they no longer wish to use the software and are ending, or have ended, their contractual relationship with Verizon Connect.
  • Non-Transactional Data - This is metadata about people or things tracked and managed in our platform, and is typically supplied directly by the customer.
  • Transactional Data - This is event data that is generated as a function of using our platform, and gathered naturally over time. This includes data such as GPS points, customer locations, or the content of driver forms as they are completed.
  • Data Retention Period - This is the length of time data is retained on Verizon Connect systems. Note that this might differ from the period of time that such data is actually accessible to customers via user interfaces.
  • Removed - Means securely deleted or irrevocably anonymised. Once data is removed from our platform it is impossible to recover by Verizon Connect, or anyone else.

Please read our knowledge base article on what types of data Verizon Connect stores when you use our products.

Data Retention for Active Customers

The default Data Retention Period is determined by the customer's subscription level and location*. For customers that have a specified retention period defined in their contract, that time period will govern the retention of their data.

Subscription Level Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Legacy Subscriptions Standard Professional Enterprise
12 months 24 months 36 months
Current Subscriptions Essentials Enhanced Ultimate
12 months 24 months 36 months

  • All Transactional Data will be Removed after the Data Retention Period.
  • Non-Transactional Data is maintained for as long as a customer remains an Active Customer.
  • Reports available for download in your reporting queue will be deleted after 12 months.
  • Any data stored in our analytics database may be persisted for longer than the customer's Data Retention Period, but never longer than five years.
  • *For European Union customers, location data (data that can be used to track the location of an individual) is retained for a maximum of 13 months. If you have configured your history days setting to a value lower than this, the lower value is respected.

Data Retention For Cancelled Customers

All data for Cancelled Customers is Removed within one year of their cancellation date. This includes:

  • Non-transactional Data.
  • Any Transactional Data that may remain as an artifact of our data retention policies for Active Customers.

Requesting Data for Active and Cancelled Customers

Customers can request data that is not readily available via the user interfaces of our applications, assuming it has not been purged according to the rules set out above. We are happy to support requests for data that is only retrievable upon request, for a fee. Please contact customer support for custom extraction requests.