Update on Fleet Reporting

Learn About Recent Changes We Have Made to Your Reports

In 2018, we started rolling out a new analytics platform that provided a faster and more reliable experience when running reports and dashboards. To allow users to take full advantage of this new platform we began migrating our reports to the new platform in phases.

Moving legacy reports to the new Analytics Platform provides the most accurate data, enabling you to make better, thoughtful business decisions. The reports are now more robust, allowing customers to run reports for a longer period of time or for larger fleet sizes.

Some of the legacy functionality that existed in certain old reports, such as "Shift filter" and "Advanced Settings" as well as the ability to report on trips across a user-defined time of day has been removed as part of the migration.

As of today, more than half of the reports (by volume) are run from the analytics platform. These reports include:

  • Engine On Time
  • Idle Time
  • Mileage
  • Utilization
  • Daily Summary
  • Manifest
  • Trip
  • Unit Health
  • ELD Log Audit
  • Driver ELD Health
  • InSights Alerts

If you have further questions, please directly reach out to your Customer Success Manager or our Support Team.