Formatting Your Sign-In Credentials

How to Correctly Format Your Sign-In Credentials

When signing into Verizon Connect Enterprise Fleet, or into a mobile application such as WorkPlan, your username credentials (the text you put into the first field in the login screen) can be supplied in one of two ways:

  • As the email address associated with your account (typically this is the email address that was used to create your account), for example ''.
  • In the form of 'account:username', with the two components needed separated by a colon. The 'account' component is typically the name of your company, while the username is either your full or abbreviated name, for example 'mycompany:jdoe'.

The welcome email you received when your account was first created includes the username for option two above, and the address this welcome email was sent to can be used as the username for option one.

If you can't find your login details, or you no longer have your welcome email, your system administrator or manager can easily locate your account email address or your account and username combination.