Implied Speed Limits Retirement FAQ

Information About the Retirement of the Implied Speed Limits Feature in Fleet

What are Implied Speed Limits?
Implied Speed Limits allow you to set a default speed limit for a specific class of road. For example, you can set all Arterial Roads to be 45 MPH (or all Streets to be 25 MPH). Posted speed limits are always used to check for speeding first, but in the cases where the posted speed isn’t available, implied speed limits can be used.

Why are they going away now?
As our speed limit coverage has improved, and we’ve developed other tools to monitor speeding (e.g. Scorecards, Coach), the need for implied speed limits has diminished. Perhaps more importantly, we’ve noticed that many of our users are improperly relying on those implied speed limits. Actual speed limits aren’t consistent for class of roads, and false positives (speeding events triggered when a driver isn’t truly speeding) are causing more harm than good.

How will this affect my speeding alerts?
In general, you will see fewer speeding alerts. More importantly, you will see far fewer false speeding alerts (depending on how your account is configured and how many InSight Alerts you have set up that use Implied Speed Limits). Customers that don’t use, or have already turned off, implied speed limits have seen a dramatic drop in false alerts resulting in happier drivers and a positive impact on their speeding management programs.

What are some other ways I can improve on my safety program?
With the Scorecards feature in Fleet you can measure performance across your fleet, manage strategic goals, and communicate performance across the organization. You can easily drill-down, analyze key performance metrics, and manage strategic planning initiatives by geography, or other organizational structures.

Is there a tool that I can deploy to my drivers to provide real time feedback in the field?
Coach is a mobile app that connects your drivers to track their progress against company-wide benchmarks and other drivers.

How can I get more detail?
Please contact your Customer Success Manager. If you’re not sure who to contact, you can find out by using the left navigation and select My Account from the Main section.