Introducing Verizon Connect Coach

Learn More About the Verizon Connect Coach App

Using the power of gamification, the Coach mobile application for iOS inspires your drivers to be the best, using their actual driving data. Coach brings a little friendly competition into their work day to compete with their own historic scores, or their team, to dominate the leaderboard.

Coach delivers same-day driving metrics, including speeding, braking, acceleration, seat belt use and more direct to your iPad, or iPhone, and even has full integration with the Apple Watch.

  • Gets results - Coach has been deployed by some of the world’s most progressive fleets, resulting in drivers that are motivated to reach the next level and achieve higher standards of safety, productivity and efficiency while prolonging the lifespan of the vehicles they drive and maximizing uptime.
  • Objective, detailed feedback - You can easily review each event to understand how your score is calculated and where opportunities for improvement lie.
  • On-the-job training - Access training videos directly from the app. Supply your own or use the videos that come with the app.
  • Management dashboard - Managers can get an overview of driver behavior and trends that can be broken down by team or individual. View by hours or miles.

Install Coach and get ready for a friendly, competitive approach to your work day.

For more information about Coach, download the PDF brochure here.