Locating an Address on the Map

Finding a Street Address, Marker or Job Location from the Map

You can quickly locate a street address, or a marker or a job location, or the address nearest to a latitude and longitude coordinate pair, using the Go To tool on the Map screen.

To look up an address:

  • From the Map screen (under the Main menu section, then Map), click the magnifying glass icon on the toolbar to open the Go To tool.

  • In the Go To dialog box, enter the street address you want to locate, including its zip code, then press Enter or click the right-facing arrow. You can also enter a latitude and longitude coordinate pair to find the address at this location.

The map zooms to the selected location and an info balloon appears displaying the address and showing several task links.

Depending on your version, the links shown may include tasks such as creating a marker, adding a route stop, or creating a job at the location; as well as copying the location coordinates to your clipboard, finding vehicles that are closest to the location, or identifying nearby fleet activity (such as vehicles in your fleet that passed by).