Marker Activity Reports Announcement

Learn About Our Updated Marker Activity Report

Your reports keep getting better!

You need fast, reliable, and trustworthy data to run your business and make better business decisions. With that in mind, over the last few months, we've completely rebuilt our back-end analytics engine to provide even more robust and precise metrics.

You saw the first signs of that new system, with new Mileage, Engine Time and Idle reports that not only run faster but are more robust, allowing you to run reports for a longer period of time or a larger fleet size.

Here are the improvements you will see when you run these reports:

  • Better Performance - Optimized report generation, giving you the freedom to ask the big questions about your fleet's performance
  • Trust Metrics - Our best practice KPIs for measuring metrics with improved heuristics to improve data quality and accuracy
  • Improved Formatting - Updated style formats so that you can share styled reports or do better analysis with tabular outputs

Over the next few weeks, this new analytics engine will make its way into the Marker Activity Report.

Below, you will find detailed FAQs about these new reports.

If you have further questions, please directly reach out to your Customer Success Manager or our Support Team.

Have more questions? Please reach out to us directly as we want to make sure this transition is as smooth as possible for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What changed in the Reports?

  • Moving reports to the Analytics Platform allows for performance improvements and greater accuracy and refines how some of the calculations and logic are computed. Shift Filter is no longer available and there is no capability to run a “day” report that does not end at midnight.
  • A reduced row limit of 100,000.
    • If you select certain parameters that result in a report that exceeds this limit, the additional rows will not be included in the report. Try to run the report for a fewer units or drivers or for a shorter time frame.
  • Some of the column names have also changed to improve consistency across the platform.

You can find more details in our Help Documentation.

Q: Will my scheduled report settings change?

No, in most cases you have access to the same report parameters as in previous versions.

Q: Which reports will be updated?

The updated reports can be identified in your report list by a 'sparkle' icon:

The following reports have been updated:

  • Marker Activity Report - Faster reports that allow you to not only your own markers, but also shared markers. It allows you to see visits at multiple markers at the same time and has advanced filtering to remove false activity

Q: Where do I find the Marker Activity Report?

  • On the Create Reports Tab, click on the folder Daily Operations.
  • Use this report in the same way you would use the Marker Details Report.

Q: Which column names have changed?

Marker Activity:

  • Arrive → Arrival Time
  • Leave → Departure Time
  • Duration → Time on Site
  • Total Time → Total Time on Site
  • Total Trips → Number of Visits
  • Average → Average Time on Site

Q: Will I see data from today in Analytics Reports?

Report data on the Analytics Platform is not real-time because the data needs to run through processing, including calculations performed by the system. If you run a report for today and the data is not yet available you may see the report status as ‘Completed No Data’. Best practice is to use the previous day (“Yesterday”) as the end date.

Q: What are Shared Markers?

  • This new report also allows you to get data on visits to Shared Markers by your drivers. To see this data, ensure that Shared Markers is checked when running the report.
  • Shared Markers are a global set of points-of-interest (POI) relevant to you and your drivers (e.g. fuel stations, service centers).

Q: Why should I use Shared Markers?

  • You can track visits to commonly used locations in your reports without having to import or create them in your own account.
  • Currently about 1 million locations are available, with more to come.

Q: Is any action required?

Please review the changes in each report to understand how to best review key metrics in the Analytics Reports.