New Markers Tab

Learn About the Updated Markers Tab in the Verizon Connect Platform

We’re excited to introduce the new Markers tab in Verizon Connect Fleet. We’ve rebuilt this tab from the ground up to make it more powerful, faster and more intuitive. It’s a complete redesign to streamline administration and maintenance of your markers.

What’s on the New Markers Tab?

At a high level, our improvements make it easier than ever to filter, find and understand your markers. Now you can see all of the details of your markers, and edit them, without switching tabs.



Quickly filter your markers to a manageable list to find what you’re looking for:

  • We’ve made it easy to filter the marker list view to only show relevant markers.
  • You can use predefined views from the left pane to reduce your list quickly to markers that need attention.
  • You can also search the current list by using the “Find in view” search box.

Take advantage of the new advanced filter:

  • Power users can use the new advanced filter to filter marker lists even more.
  • Build complex queries to easily find markers meeting specific criteria.
  • For example, it’s easy to query for markers that were created today by yourself in Aliso Viejo with the tag “LocationNeedsReview”.

Find out the important details easily:

  • The most noticeable change is the new info pane on the right side of the tab.
  • It’s easier and faster than ever to view important information about markers, and make updates to that information immediately.
  • The pane shows you contextual data about your selected marker without needing to leave the Markers tab.
  • You can also view marker’s location, yard, and access paths within the minimap.

Quickly edit and update markers without leaving the new tab:

  • You can quickly click edit and make changes to the marker without leaving the tab.
  • All editable details are shown in one form, you don’t need to switch tabs in a dialog to make simple edits.
  • To keep the map view in the Markers tab simple, editing the geometry or location of a marker is still done in the Map tab. A direct link to open the marker in the Map tab is available in the marker detail pane.

How is the New Markers Tab Being Rolled Out?

  • All customers will be given this new tab by default.