Saving and Scheduling a Report in Fleet

Learn How to Save and Schedule a Report in Fleet

To save and schedule a report, so that new reports are generated automatically at regular intervals:

  • From the Reports section, select Create Report.

  • Browse to, or search for, a report in the list.
  • Select your preferred report options to specify what you want to see in the report.
  • In the lower part of the screen, choose the report format, such as Spreadsheet or PDF, and then click Save.

  • From the Save Report Details window that pops up, select your email delivery preferences and the frequency that the report should be generated and sent (for example, every Wednesday and Friday at 5PM), and then click Save.

  • To view all your saved reports, expand the Reports section of the navigation bar and select Manage Reports. Your saved reports are listed on the Saved and Scheduled tab.