Verizon Connect Spotlight App FAQ

Learn More About the Spotlight Mobile App

Here are some of the most common questions asked about the new Verizon Connect Spotlight management application:

What is Verizon Connect Spotlight?

Verizon Connect Spotlight is a mobile application and a companion to Verizon Connect Enterprise Platform solutions. It highlights valuable at-a-glance data that helps fleet managers and supervisors manage their mobile workforce, and find opportunities to optimize and save money.

Who can use Verizon Connect Spotlight?

Spotlight is available to all Verizon Connect Fleet subscribers.

Who in my organization could benefit from using Spotlight?

Verizon Connect Spotlight aims to assist Fleet managers and supervisors who are looking to quickly locate their assets, and find ways to optimize their fleet performance.

Do I need a subscription to Verizon Connect to use this app?

To use Spotlight you need to have Verizon Connect Fleet.

How is this different from Verizon Connect Fleet?

Verizon Connect Spotlight is a companion to Verizon Connect Fleet and aims to highlight important data that is relevant to managing your business on the go. Spotlight helps to raise your awareness on areas of concern and opportunities for improvement. Further, it provides you with alerts on issues that need your immediate attention. Verizon Connect Fleet is a powerful enterprise solution that helps you drill down into the data and get the information needed to drive positive change in your organization. There are many additional tools such as Dashboards, Reports, advanced mapping, and custom alerts available on Verizon Connect Fleet.

Is there an additional subscription fee to use this app?

There are no additional subscription fees for using Verizon Connect Spotlight. It is included in your Verizon Connect Fleet subscription.

What are the top benefits for Spotlight customers?

Here are the top Spotlight benefits for Spotlight customers:

  • View insightful data about your fleet’s operation and drive greater safety, efficiency, and productivity
  • Quickly locate connected vehicles, assets, and people
  • Receive important real-time alerts on your mobile device
  • Receive at-a-glance quick facts to highlight value in using telematics to connect, optimize and transform your business

I’m having trouble signing in. What credentials do I use?

ou can use your Verizon Connect Fleet credentials to sign in to Spotlight.

Your account might not have access to Spotlight. If this is the case, you will receive a sign-in error message indicating this. To enable support for Spotlight you need administrator-level access to the Verizon Connect platform.

  1. Go to Tasks > Roles.
  2. Select a role from the list on the left.
  3. Select the Rights tab.
  4. Select the check box next to Show All Rights.
  5. Under the Spotlight section, set Access to "Allowed".
  6. Click Save.