Troubleshooting Hours of Service

Tips for Administrators on Troubleshooting Hours of Service (ELD) Issues

A Driver Reports a Diagnostic Fault or Malfunction

If a driver reports a diagnostic fault or malfunction showing in the Hours of Service app on their mobile device, use this section of the help to determine the possible cause of the issue.

Driving Events Are Not Recorded

If the driving events for a driver are not displaying under Hours of Service > Events in the Verizon Connect platform, follow these steps:

Checking for Diagnostics and Malfunctions:

Checking for the Vehicle's Install Type:

  • Check under Hours of Service > Events which vehicle the driver is using.
  • Go to the Vehicles screen in the Verizon Connect platform.
  • Click on the vehicle and select Show Vehicle.
  • On the Hardware tab of the Vehicle Details pop-up, check which Install Type is assigned to the vehicle.
  • Check on the Install Types screen that the install type is set up correctly.