Verizon Connect Fleet and Workforce Plans

Features Included in Each Verizon Connect Fleet and Workforce Subscription Level

Fleet Comprehensive Plans

Full-powered GPS tracking without complexity

  • History data - 12 months
  • High Powered Maps with Satellite viewing
  • InSight Alerts
  • Dashboard and Scoreboards
  • Mobile Spotlight App
  • Posted Speed Limits
  • In-Cab Alerts
  • Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Maintenance Connect
  • Vehicle Congregation

High-powered GPS tracking with added features

Essential plus:

  • History data - 24 months
  • Traffic and Weather map layers
  • Hierarchy and Roles
  • Posted Speed Limit Editor
  • Verizon Connect Share
  • Scripted Alerts
  • Terminology

Flexible fleet management for large enterprises

Enhanced plus:

  • History data - 36 months
  • APIs
  • Developer Tools
  • Single Sign On
  • SQL Connector
  • Multi-user Language

Workforce Plans

For improving worker productivity and satisfaction

  • Work Tracking
  • Manual Job Dispatch
  • Forms Administration
  • Productivity Scorecard
  • Plan vs. Actual Report
  • Mobile Jobs App
  • Mobile Forms App
  • Bi-Directional Messaging

Includes benefits beyond worker productivity, to improve customer satisfaction

Essential plus:

  • Commercial Navigation
  • Intelligent Dispatch
  • Next Day Planning
  • Advanced Optimizer Setting

Comprehensive suite of strategic features to improve productivity and cost savings for workers and customers

Enhanced plus:

  • What-if Scenarios
  • Resource Planning
  • Customer Schedules
  • Forecasting

Fleet Extensions

Compatible Mobile Apps:
Compliance (Hours of Service App, DVIR)